Treasurer's Office

Payments may be made by mail, on-line, by phone or in person.

Payments accepted by check, cash, e-check, debit card, or credit card.

E-Check is a secure, electronic transfer from your personal or business bank account WITHOUT a fee.
Your routing and checking account numbers are needed.

Debit Card fee - $4.00 for any amount paid.

Credit Card fee - 2.50% of payment amount with a minimum of $2.00

E-check is Free

Taxes are different than other purchases - those who use credit or debit, pay the processing fee.

It is important that funds are available

before processing a payment.

All fees are the same for payments made online, by phone, or in person. Payments made after November 30th (or the first business day after the 30th if November 30th falls on a weekend) will have penalty as shown on the back of your tax notice and per state statute 59-2-1331. more

Responsibilities of the Cache County Treasurer's office staff include:

  • Bill and collect Real Property Taxes.
  • Distribute taxes to Taxing Entities
  • Process refunds of overpaid property taxes.
  • Publish a listing of delinquent taxes on an annual basis.
  • Invest County funds.
  • Receipt and deposit funds from various County departments

The Cache County Treasurer does not:

  • Levy the property tax
  • Determine the market value of property.
  • Determine the tax rate(s).
  • Bill or collect Personal Property Taxes.
  • Make determinations regarding appeals of property values


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